Group Finance Officer
John Batty

John began his career with Jolliffe Cork Chartered Accountants before moving to St James Securities in 1988, as a Junior Accountant. He worked up through the ranks to become Financial Controller before being appointed as Group Finance Director in 2011. John is now Group Financial Officer.

In addition to his detailed knowledge and history of the St. James Securities Group, he has gained experience in all financial aspects of the property development and investment sector. Using his data analysis skills, John keeps a tight rein on the Group’s finances and projects through rigorous monitoring, forecasting and modelling, constantly striving to obtain the best returns for the Group and, ultimately, the Shareholders. These skills have enabled him to successfully steer the Group through three financial recessions during his career.

In his spare time, John is an avid gardener, an experienced traveller and a devoted dog lover.

“John aspires to retire to a hot climate, tend to his tropical gardens, assisted by his loyal and trusted dogs.”

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